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PRS-505 -- What happens on the device after disconnecting from sync session?

I love my new ebook device, but it is clear as light that Sony made some really retarded design decisions in the whole managing your ebook library process.

- I have 16GB SDHC card on to which I have loaded approx 7GB of ebooks (14000 books in PDF format).

- I copied the books over to the SD card using the sony software.

- As soon as I disconnect my device from the USB, the circling arrows icon comes on and sits there circling till the battery runs out.

- what in shiva's name is the device doing? and why does it have to do it every time you disconnect it from your PC?

/warning rant incoming --

Dear Sony,

Before you released a firmware update which "Allows SDHC cards with a capacity greater than 4GB", did it occur to you morons that your device + book management software is utterly incapable of managing more than a few books at a time? Or the fact that a flat file structure + reindexing after each sync is possibily the worst way you could have designed the whole process?

It is quite obvious no one in Sony Reader team bothered to actually test the scaling of the device and library software. Please spend some of your billions and hire some designers with an IQ > 40 to come up with all the use cases and then test them.


An angry customer

/end rant
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