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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Seriously. If you are asking these type of questions, you really are not ready to be messing around inside the library.
Think:Bull in the china shop.
The simple reason: Calibre has no idea what is done with that folder once it was made. Change 1 letter and the item disappears to calibre the next time it wants something it left there.

Your questions are a good step to get ready so you don't do damage later.
I'm truly awed at your superior knowledge and your graciousness in sharing it with me, and in pointing out my own contemptible ignorance. I'm much stupider than you think I am and would never have been able to figure out, or even intuit, any of what you said myself. Having only worked with computers since the 80s, I frequently make arbitrary changes to files, especially when I don't know what they are. You undoubtedly saved me from serious consequences, because I don't use calibre for library functions--just for conversions--and wanted to know what that file was before making manual changes to the epub I created. I'm so glad you didn't take an arrogant, superior tone and make your post come off like a putdown.
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