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So . . . where's the best place to put cover image exclusions in one's personal.ini? In the section for specific archives? (Would make sense for dramione, as discussed before.) For all epubs? In defaults?

I think Livejournal userhead & community icons may be found in multiple archives, though I've discovered them most frequently at AO3.

Images to exclude (as cover images) pretty much anywhere they show up:

(Maybe simplest to just exclude any images with "user" or "community" in the filename?)

Of course now that Livejournal offers custom userheads, it might be trickier.
Sample image URL:
From this story:

Though maybe just not allowing any images with "userhead" in the path would do the trick?

Here's a Dreamwidth userhead:
Example story with it:

And once I figure out the best way to handle this in my personal.ini, what's the best way to fix the stories in my Library that have userheads as their cover art? Update the story for just metadata with metadata & cover checked? Or will I want to overwrite the whole things? Remove existing cover images first? I guess I can try it a number of ways, but figure those who dig around with this stuff on the programming side might know. (I have about 100 stories with userhead covers, I guess.)

As always, your help is much appreciated. And I figure I can't be the only fanfic reader who has run across this and might find excluding these images helpful.
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