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SOLUTION: Error 1327 while installing Library

I had to do this once before with my PRS-500, and again had to re-solve the problem (same issue) tonight with my brand-spanking-new PRS-505. I thought I'd post this solution since searching the forums on this error code didn't provide any results. Previously, I got this error while running Windows XP Pro, and presently while running Vista Ultimate. This would apply to all editions of XP and Vista though.

Problem: Attempting to install updates to the Sony eBook Library application starts up the installer, and results in an error such as below (the drive letter could vary):

In my case, Z: was mapped to a server on my home network, where I keep all my important stuff (ahem, and some not so important) on a redundant disk array.

The key point here is that I'd remapped my "My Documents" (or, in Vista, "Documents") folder to a folder on my server. You can do this by right-clicking the "My Documents" or "Documents" icon and choosing Properties, and then choosing the "Location" tab, and changing the path there.

This is apparently a problem with the MSI installer and NOT the Sony software, which uses the MSI installer toolkit.

The solution: Temporarily re-map your "My Documents" location to somewhere on the C: drive. Same process as in the paragraph above that starts with "the key point..." Clearly, you want to NOT move your files, as this is temporary.

Now, run the Sony update software -- either via the upgrade prompt in eBook Library, or go to Sony's eBook website and download/run manually -- and when it's done, go back and re-map the "My Documents" location AGAIN to where it was originally for your original purposes.

That's it! Simple and easy.

again to everyone here for all the helpful information provided on all things electronic-reader!
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