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Obviously I cannot speak for Robin but from a consumer point of view

your question was actually asked by different friends of mine worrying about expansion. I think what comes down to it is how you are going to use your tablet in general. For e-books/magazines and main stream apps excluding heavy gaming ones, I must say it is not easy to use up to 32gb of space even with quite a handful of pictures. Unless you are talking about a heavy offline movie watcher or heavy gaming (where games are easily 500mb download), then you MIGHT have an point about expansion. Lastly, Arc is probably not used as a camera so that alone wont' be a space hogger in the long run ...

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I have to say, I'm very interested in the Arc (I have a Kobo Touch and love the bejeezus out of the thing, but currently don't own a tablet). My only reservation at this point--because I know how I am--is the lack of SD card expansion in the Arc. I appreciate how marketing works--selling increasingly-larger storage size devices--but are there any plans to include an SD card feature in future iterations of the Arc at all?
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