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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post

To use the autoreboot feature: Just drop a blank file named reboot in the linkss folder (by copying and renaming the already existing "autoreboot" blank file, for example), and your Kindle will do a quick reboot 10s after you've unplugged it (there's minimal visual feedback during that time, just wait until your list of books reappear)!

Thanks for this great Hack and it's working fine for me. I used normal reboot and the images I'm putting inside the screensavers folder appears as intended. I never try either "random" or "shuffle" mode.

I have a question. Currently within the linkss folder with the other folders I have 2 files calls "auto" and "autoreboot".

Is that means my autoreboot is activated?
Or am I required to create a "reboot" file like you have mentioned?

Because when I change a image and unplug USB it's not appearing unless I restart my kindle manually. So may be unless I create a file called reboot this feature still not activated! am I right to say that?

If it's the case you should have just left out the "autoreboot" file right? Can I know what's the use of both "auto" and "autoreboot" files if I'm only going to change screensaver like I do without using any random or shuffle feature!

Thanks again...
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