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Originally Posted by DSpider View Post
I said this before; with ePub we're back in 1999 where the same webpage looked differently in every browser. Personally, I don't see Calibre as a reading program. Think of it more as an e-book manager, metadada editor, converter, etc. It even has some BS about transferring to various e-readers (useless feature, IMO).

Try using SVG instead of styling it in CSS - which some e-readers could very well ignore. Create those frames in Inkscape, add the text, and add them to the ePub.
I'm definetely on your side! Testing ePubs on different devices, programs, platforms etc. gives me lots of headaches. To be shure to run on every available device, keep CSS and HTML to an absolute minimum... but to what price? We didn't get hundreds of years developing good rational book-typography for this?!?! But let's end the rant now...

I will give your SVG suggestion a definite try and see how it will work. Do you know anything about SVG support on various devices, or do you have any link?

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