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WiFi connectivity with 5.3.1 for Paperwhite

Received the 5.3.1 firmware update for Kindle Paperwhite automatically today.

Thought I had a scoop after checking some of my favorite Kindle blogs but of course this was old news on MobileReads...I have been remiss in not checking MobileReads for some time. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

For just the last couple of days I noticed that the WiFi scan was not picking up my router. Sometimes a rescan didn't improve the result. Eventually, after several tries my router was detected.

With admittedly limited testing after the firmware upgrade when I turn on WiFi the Kindle Paperwhite very quickly detects my router.

So, I'm simply asserting that whatever other purposes the upgrade may have served it appears that it did, in fact, do something to improve WiFi connectivity.
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