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Originally Posted by TWiTCommander View Post
making a mobi file from an epub is dead-easy if the epub file is properly formatted.

step 1: download kindlegen from amazon and unzip the file
step 2: open from applications/utilities directory
step 3: drag the kindlegen executable (black rectangle icon) into the window.
step 4: drag the epub file into the window.
step 5: hit the enter/return key

you should get a mobi file in the same directory and with the same name as the epub file.

as mentioned above, using calibre is another option. however, i find calibre to be extremely slow on certain epub files, and competitive with kindlegen on others.

also, being a unix geek, i have a sweet spot for command line tools.

I have exactly done, what you said. Most of the time it really works great. Thank you very much! The layout of the mobi file is nearly exactly the same than the original epub file. (In calibre it doesnt work so well).

But now I have a problem, I have the following error, posted in the terminal:

Fehler(prcgen):E23005: Sprache nicht in den Metadaten angegeben. Das Feld "dc:Language" ist ein Pflichtfeld. Abbruch.

I hope you speak german. The error says that the metadatas about the language are not given. 'The field 'dc:language' is not a noun.

Could you help, what do I have to do?

Best and thanks
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