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My 2 cents...

Dear Timezone (original name...),

I am not using Nitro, but I am using Adobe Professionnal 8, nevertheless, I would like to provide you with what I am doing with my Docs documents.
This works very well when the ebook to be converted is all text; when there is pictures and table, like medical and technical documents that can need sometimes a lot of extra editing... (resisizing pictures and tables, displaying these in landscape...). But at the end you are happy to have a document fully iliad compatible that you will read without your stylus...

Here we go:
1. Highlight all the text in the word document
2. Change Font to Palatino Linotype (my preferred one) or Helvetica or Book Antiqua, or Bembo
3. Change the size to size 14
4. From you Page set up (Word 2003) or Page Layout (word 2007), Change the size of the document to iliad size: 4.88 x 5.98; Change also the margins to: Top:0.4", Bottom:0.3", Left:0.1" and Right:0.1".
Sometimes changing the margins can be tricky if the original document have different set will need to apply the ruler to your document to be able to locate the initial margins set up and move them manually closer to the borders, before applying the 0.4x0.3x0.1x0.1

After being done with the document setting, I print it using Adobe 8 Professionnal, that does let you add custom Paper size (mine = Custom iliad: 4.88"x5.98"), By printing to PDF.
1. Begin by selectionning to print PDF
2. Click on Properties
3. Click on Adobe PDF settings
4. Click on Add custom Page size and create you custom Page
You will have to print a pdf document whith that custom size at least one time before Adobe retain that setting. After you are good to go....
5. Close the PDF printer (after your initial set up and print), try to reprint in PDF and you should be able following, to selection your custom page size in the drop down window " Adobe Pdf page size"
6. Click OK, and OK VOILA!!! a beautiful document.

This seems like a lot, but when you get used to it, it goes very fast...

I you do not have Adobe pro, no worries, after finishing the setting of the word document, just print it with Adobe pdf printer with regular size (8 1/2
X 11); and you should be able to have the same document after you crop the document close to iliad size: 4.88 x 5.98

As for the table of contents...sorry I can not help you as I am trying to find out myself...

I hope that this will help...

Take good care,

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