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Originally Posted by ciromattia View Post
Hi all!
Kudos to Dc5e for KindleComicParser!

Since I'm on a Mac, the script is nearly useless without a VM, so I came out with a python script that's almost identical but more portable for *NIX systems.
I additionally bundled the whole workflow (HTML/NCX/OPF generation, kindlegen, kindlestrip) in an AppleScript droplet for MacOS users.

You can find the standalone script along with the droplet at

I plan to add support for CBR/CBZ opening to the droplet very soon ( already has), and extend the workflow with some image manipulation (margin removal, contrast, resizing).

Hope you like it
Thanks for this tool.
I'm using it on Windows and when I launch " KHD <folderPath>" I get this error:

File "C:\Users\***\Downloads\kcc-master\kcc-master\kcc\", li
ne 85, in __init__
im = + "/" + filelist[0][0] + filelist[0][1])
IndexError: list index out of range

PIL is installed. Do I need to compress the folder with I tried it, but no compressed folder seems to be created with this tool.


@Dc5e Are you planning to add images optimization as ciromattia did? That'd be nice
Also there is sometimes an issue with chapters order. For example "10" come before "9".

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