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C:\Documents and Settings\David Levy>feeds2lrf -verbose Newsweek
Usage: feeds2lrf [options] ARG

feeds2lrf parses an online source of articles, like an RSS or ATOM feed and
fetches the article contents organized in a nice hierarchy.

ARG can be one of:

file name - feeds2lrf will try to load a recipe from the file

builtin recipe title - feeds2lrf will load the builtin recipe and use it to fetc
h the feed. For e.g. Newsweek or "The BBC" or "The New York Times"

recipe as a string - feeds2lrf will load the recipe directly from the string a

Available builtin recipes are:
'Ars Technica', 'Associated Press', 'The Atlantic', u'The BBC', "Barron's", 'Bus
iness Week', 'CNN', 'Christian Science Monitor', 'Die Zeit Nachrichten', 'ESPN',
'The Economist', 'FAZ NET', 'Globe and Mail', 'Google Reader', 'Jerusalem Post'
, 'Jutarnji', 'NASA', 'New York Review of Books', 'The New York Times', 'The New
Yorker', 'Newsweek', 'Outlook India', 'Portfolio', 'Reuters', 'Spiegel Online',
'Sydney Morning Herald', 'USA Today', 'United Press International', 'The Wall S
treet Journal', 'Washington Post', ''

Whenever you pass arguments to feeds2lrf that have spaces in them, enclose the a
rguments in quotation marks.

feeds2lrf: error: no such option: -v

C:\Documents and Settings\David Levy>
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