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lcalvin began at the beginning.
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So, I'm a little less than a third of the way through checking my spreadsheets I pulled from fictionwise & ereader to see what made it.

I used a title sort. I'm not seeing classics like Ivanhoe, etc.
A few if the items in the count are things like font packages.

Some books on the not available list DID come through (Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews & The Fortune Hunter by Diane Farr.)

A few are there but with or without a definite article. So Diane Farr's The Fortune Hunter was on the list without "The" from FW but was under The on BN.

Another book the FW/ER title was "Angel Bay- Suddenly one Summer" and on BN it became Suddenly one summer. In a few cases I know that the rights have reverted to the author.
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