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I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention a very recent European review of the Kobo Arc's display. In a comparison of displays of the Kobo Arc, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, the Kobo Arc did very, very well.

The Kobo Arc is apparently one of the best displays in terms of brightness, contrast ratio, colour gamut and display calibration, as well as reflectance and speed of the pixel refresh latency.

I read the article, published in French, at (google: "Tablette Fnac Kobo Arc : test de l'écran") and read the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD reviews as well, which were all authored by the same writer. After reading all three reviews, the Kobo Arc had the fastest IPS screen (pixel refresh latency), a very bright screen falling about halfway between the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, the most accurate colour calibration of the 3, and an almost identical contrast ratio as the Kindle Fire HD. The Arc had the lowest reflectance of all three tablets and had grays and blacks that were "close to perfection".

In a previous post, I mentioned I had spent a considerable amount of time comparing the Nexus 7 and Kobo Arc displays and my unscientific observations at the store pretty much came to a similar conclusion: the Kobo Arc has a very nice, bright, punchy screen. However, the analysis in the article isn't seat of your pants, like mine was. It is an analysis using screen calibration equipment and all three tablet reviews and accompanying data, were written by the same person.

Apparently, a full review will be forthcoming by Dec.12th, but for now, it appears that this Kobo Arc, seems to have a lot going for it, especially the display, where it really counts.

I liked it so much when I tinkered with it in store, that I purchased one a couple days ago. It's nice to see many more folks realizing the Kobo Arc is not just a Kobo Vox rehash, but a real contender in the 7" tablet market.
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