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Never got a code but a huge glug showed up.

Specifically, my BN account went from 751 (non-archived) books to 2187 starting at about 1am Central time. The 1436 books are not all of the 1578 books I had at Fictionwise (989) and ereader (589) combined, but I am cautiously hopeful. If freebies aren't all coming across (anecdotal reports) plus a review of the not available list had indicated that some (thought it was more like 40) wouldn't transfer that's still a good start.

I'm still hoping to see some of the 142 remaining items, but I'm am somewhat happier.

Oh, about the not getting a code? All three accounts have the same email address, so I guess they just went ahead, and I'm fine with that. I had opted to transfer.

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