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Light thoughts...

well got my light in the post yesterday...not exactly the cheapest thing around at AU$120 delivered from an ebay seller but hey...not exactly easy to get one and since i use my reader so much worth it.

first quality is good...fairly solid etc.

im coming from nightly use of a verilux so going from the very white light of that to the slightly blue/purplish light of the sony light is not a bad thing but just different. something to point out.

both light up the room almost as much in the dark

as with sea_los's post...

the main complaint i probably have for the light is that can be seen from pictures in this forum by other members is you can see that the first inch of the screen has some vertical darkish lines down it. almost like smudges.

its not due to the leds placement or light pattern but something inherent in the plastic wedge itself that can be seen by holding the wedge (while turned off) up to the light.

i dont think its a major distraction once you get into reading since you are looking at the words but initially for the price i wasnt fantastically impressed. have to spend more time reading it in the dark to see if it really gets on my nerves or not....

probably something that would not be there in a glass wedge (whole weight thing etc comes into it etc i know).

anyone else notice this??


one more thing i noticed is i was using one of those 'dvd tins' you get sometimes (ezydvd) with a single standard dvd keepcase in them as a carry case for mine. was almost the perfect size and give the reader some reasonable protection for stuff all cost....however since the light cover is wider it doesnt fit anymore....have to swap it back to the old cover to fit it again...oh well get that i guess.

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