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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
Exactly, everything is is the HTML itself like the old days of 3.2. Yes Harry's info is a bit dated but mobi format is also a bit dated. The tutorials on the mobipocket web site are also a bit dated. Amazon has a bit more up to date data on AZW which is mobi plus Amazon DRM but in fact Amazon no longer encourages direct coding but rather conversion of ePub
Thanks DaleDe! Looking deeper into this gave me exactly that impression Coming from the EPUB side of things I almost feel spoiled by the things I could do, provided the eReaders out there would support EPUB properly. But now, with MOBI in mind, it's even more difficult and constraining to "design" eBooks that actually look like something beyond just flowing text.

It's the browser war all over again

The other day I played with the Mobipocket Creater but that's too much clicking around for my taste; I'm more of a scripting kinda guy. However, I'm beginning to wonder which way to go: kindlegen or Creator? I assume since Amazon is the target market, it's kindlegen?
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