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Originally posted by EldRick
Easy explanation - the Kobo software has significant bugs re. page and paragraph breaks. Best you can do is learn to live with it at this time.
"At this time" has been going on for years, ever since the Kobo Original. Who has much hope that such problems (with ADE?) are ever going to be addressed, let alone fixed?

Originally posted by davidfor
From some experiments, it looks like the minimum line height setting in the file or content_settings table is about 1.225. But, if the line height is set in the epub, it can be whatever you want.
That's interesting. Why have such a high minimum of 1.225, instead of, say, 1.0?

The line-height: values in the CSS seem to have to be much lower for sideloaded and embedded fonts; for one (standard font, including yogh characters) that I tried, I had to get down to line-height: 1.04 for a reasonable number of lines/page (but then, such fonts are no longer rendered on the Kobo as well as they were previously).

I got to 24 lines/page with line-height: 1.2 in the CSS, a font size of 24, and all margins of 0, by trial and error for firmware 2.0.0 (also worked for 2.0.4).

Lo and behold, when I upgraded to 2.1.4/5, the display changed to 23 lines/page (the minimum bottom margin set by the Kobo seemed to increase slightly). Since hyphenation still has bugs in 2.1.4/5, and since the handling of dictionaries in 2.1.4/5 seemed miles worse than in 2.0.4, I went back to 2.0.4 (hyphenation is off).

I think I may stick with 2.0.4, since with various workarounds it more or less does what I want. Non-aggressive hyphenation that worked properly would be a bonus.

Upgrading to any firmware release after 2.1.4/5 would be the usual lottery. I think of the Kobo firmware, since it hails from North America, as NTSC: Never The Same Code (twice).

Originally posted by davidfor
"Washington Square" ... had a lot of paragraphs that were more than a page long.
Victor Hugo can do sentences of more than 300 words, never mind paragraphs.
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