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Just for a lark, I took the first 23 records from this file and made another .csv file with only those records; I am able to get to Step 2 using those 23 records!

So, it appears as tho there is a bad character/symbol somewhere in this file. I will look at my export settings from OOO Calc and see if I use quotes or some other setting if I can negate the error.


[Edit] I did an export from my ODS spreadsheet file with quotes (" ") surrounding all text in the two fields, and using a TAB as delimiter. I do have commas n the title fields, so I thought that may have been causing the hiccup somewhere further down in the .csv file. But even with the fields quoted and using a TAB as delimiter, it still hangs...

[Edit] I split the .csv file roughly in two; authors A-J, and then the second half K-Z. The first half works ok and lets me go on to Step 2, but the second half still will not. So if it is not something to do with the number of records, then it must be a bogus character in the K-Z file.

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