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Well, the "Modify ePub" plug-in doesn't work for me.

In Calibre I clicked to select the ebook whose cover I wished to remove.

I clicked "Modify ePub" icon the main toolbar.

A window popped up.

I clicked to check the box "Remove existing cover".

I clicked the OK button.

A dialog box popped up with the following message:

Modify ePub modified 1 ePub file(s) into a temporary location. Proceed with replacing the versions in your library?

Yes No View log
After I clicked "Yes", the dialog box disappeared but my ebook still had the cover on it. Then it occurred to me that the ebook with the cover removed must be located in this "temporary location".

My peeves:

1. The dialog box mentioned [sic] a temporary location. Where the heck is this temporary location?

2. I clicked the "Help" in the "Modify ePub" plug-in to look for more information on this "temporary location". It's no help either.

My feedback on the plug-in: It doesn't live up to its claim. The "Help" menu is no help at all. Moreover it's not user-friendly and intuitive.

And that's why I have to post my request for more help here on this forum.

P.S.: Guess I'm not the only one who posted a request for help/clarification in using this plug-in. See post #11.
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