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eReader with a non-terrible book sorting?

My nook touch abuses me. I loved it, but it punishes me for putting books on it and then having the temerity to want to actually find and read the books.

"Oh nook," I will say, "please sort by author so that I may locate the collected works of Mark Twain. And could you please give me a list of only author names so that I may scroll quickly to the Ts?"
"Up yours," it will snap in reply, "I'm going to make you scroll through two dozen pages of books."

What I want when I sort by author:

Author A
Author B
Author C

What I get when I sort by author:

Author A Book 1
Author A Book 2
Author A Book 3
----three pages later----
Author A Book 20
Author B Book 1
Author B Book 2

And apparently the kindles are just as bad. Given that I don't want to be spending hours of my life setting up and organizing shelves in my eReader just so I can get it to properly display the books in it, I must inquire whether there is either a fix out for the nook touch or kindle paperwhite to give them better book indices, or a competing device with similar hardware that does it correctly right out of the box.
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