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Auto numbered lists after scan>OCR>export to Word/text

Thank you, DSpider, and everyone else.

This auto-numbering "feature" also causes me an enormous amount of grief. I use OCR to computer-translate whole books into English, and the auto-numbering garbles the text badly.

Could anyone explain how to batch-convert a large number of OCR'd documents this way? Or a way to simply disable auto-numbering from being applied in the first place?

I wonder which program is inflicting this auto-numbering crap on us - Abbyy (as part of its text processing) or Word?

I see no need for "automatically" numbering anything. What is so difficult and time-consuming about typing a number in front of a paragraph? It seems like an utterly useless "feature" in the first place. Undoing its formatting mistakes is guaranteed to waste far more of people's time than it allegedly saves to begin with.

As an aside; Abbyy (like Word, and most other products in a "capitalist market") has a number of seriously irritating flaws that could easily have been avoided or fixed, but deliberately weren't, so that they could always count on selling "improved" versions every couple of years.

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