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I just went through the process using the CSV catalog. While it does work and save me one extra step, I would still like something more 'automated'. Yes, I realize there may be nothing out there right now, but here is an idea a plugin developer might consider:

The "Find Duplicates" plugin works great for comparing titiles within a given library; and it works great. Take that idea but let it compare an external CSV list against the current library! And of course, in my case it would need to take large lists!

Here is how I have to do it now, using the CSV catalog approach suggested by Kovid-

1. When the active library title/author lists are cleaned up, I export them using the catalog featur.

2. I open my spreadsheet containing my large list of current titles I already have.

3. I have to go through a complicated ONE-AT-A-TIME comparison of the current library list vs the existing title archive list. This is extremely tedious for say a 300 title library comparison. I chose accuracy over speed on purpose, but boy, it is slow!

4. Once I weed out the duplicates, say 50 of the 300 are dupes, I have to then generate the dupe list, and then go back into Calibre and individually delete 50 titles out of the 300 in the library; again this could be 'automated' much better!

So there is the process as I have it now. It does work, but it is a whole bunch of tedious work. Hopefully others may have a similar need and a plugin similar to the "Find Duplicates" plugin can be worthwhile for a developer to come up with....I am ready to donate!


[Edit] Just wanted to add that my large master index has a very simple format: 2 Columns: Author and Title. Absolutely no other data! The author is a SINGLE name, not multiple. Titles are also simple, no series, no collection or volume info, etc.

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