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Just reading the last of Arnaldur Indriđason's Reykjavik Murder Mysteries, having read from book 1 to book 8 without a break. I find that this is a great way of getting into the characters and getting some continuity.

I did the same with George RR Martin earlier this year and before that I did Wheel of Time without interruption.

I just find it so hard picking up the latest in a series and spending the first 100 pages thinking "was it him or was it her that...". I dread picking up the new Wheel of Time by Brandon Sanderson because there are just so many plots and sub-plots left up in the air and a never-decreasing list of characters that I hate having to keep going back to the appendix to remember who they are.

Where to next?

Thinking of venturing into Discworld, Harry Bosch or Jack Reacher. They should keep me going for a while.
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