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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
I'm confused. You have a Fire or a Fire HD? The former connects as a USB disk, the latter as an MTP device. If you are connecting as an MTP device then how are you using Connect to Folder?
I'm confused as well! This is a brand new Kindle Fire 2 (NOT HD) with v10.2.3 firmware and it doesn't behave the way everybody else has reported their Kindle Fire behaving. I think Amazon have recently changed how this device connects to a PC because it definitely doesn't show up as a drive. However gmtp recognises the device as MTP and I can transfer files to and from it using gmtp. By installing mtp-tools and mtpfs I can also make linux mount the device as an MTP device, then by configuring the Calibre User-defined profile as described I can manually connect to the folder /media/Kindle-Fire/Internal storage. Then I see the behaviour reported in my last email.
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