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Originally Posted by jkgeyti View Post
textchimp: I'm also using the same approach to "syncing" books. You may want to use the plugin's command chaining and its sync mechanism instead of simulating a usb connecting. Also, the busybox wget will not work with secure connections. So you may want to use curl instead.

I'm currently also using a simple php script with a simple interface to add URLs that I want the kobo to download. When I get some free time, I hope to do Dropbox syncing using their REST api.
Thanks for the suggestions, but curl is not available on the busybox installation on the Kobo (the Glo, anyway). EDIT: However, it is possible to download a more fully featured version of wget, precompiled for the Kobo Linux architecture, from here:
Having installed this, you can use wget with the --post-file= option to send files without size restriction (though they need to be percent-encoded, and binary files probably won't work). Curl is available in the same way, but it has so many library dependencies when you try to install it that I gave up on it.

I'm also not sure if performing a full sync is easier than the usb faking (EDIT: I was wrong here, the Plugin:sync() command doesn't do a full online sync using as expected); in any case, the command chaining doesn't seem to block, so there's no guarantee the download command earlier in the chain would be finished before the sync command is run. The only alternative is to keep the sync() as a separate menu item; it works, but it means you first have to select the download menu item (and wait til it finishes, without receiving a notification when it is), then select the sync menu item.

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