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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
There should be no problems with a validated ePub (v2) becoming a fully functioning MOBI file using Kindlegen. Whether or not it will look identical to the original ePub in every way is, of course, another story.
The Wiki had some interesting hints about features that aren't supported in .mobi files, like nested tables. I didn't know that (but didn't use that, either). What happened in my case was that I used kindlegen to build the .mobi file and looking through it on a Kindle worked for about 3 or so pages, and then every following page went black. Kindlegen didn't give me an error, either.

Interestingly (and to my great annoyance, considering my dislike of it) Calibre produced a functioning .mobi file.

I noticed that the look-alike is a whole different issue, yes I wonder if using Pali characters (UTF8 encoded) would be an issue...

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