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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
The wiki is your friend. Use the links to the mobipocket site for documentation on this.
Ok, thank you! I'll give the Wiki a spin, and see if I can find what I need. Bottom line is that I need to provide a .epub and a .mobi file for given books, and it seems that converting the .epub into .mobi is not good enough since both formats seem to be somewhat incompatible as far as features and expressiveness are concerned.

Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
You cannot build one directly as it is compiled but you can build a source file and compile it using the mobi compiler called MobiPocket Creator. However, the recommended way is to use ePub and then KindleGen.
That is what I've been doing so far. The .epub files pass epubcheck validation for version 2, and my assumption was that this is good enough to build a fully functioning .mobi file for Kindle from it. I guess that doesn't hold :-)

Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
If you look at the documentation you will notice that pre-KF8 formats from Kindle do not support all the features of ePub so this may be what youi saw in your conversion. You do have to limit the source to what mobi can understand.
Yes, it seems to be that way. Is there a list of compatible features and common denominators across these formats? Something like a "Don't do this in EPUB if you want to generate a MOBI?"

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