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Gorgeous TOC Possible with Calibre?

I'm sorry to bother everyone.

I want a working, good-looking Table of Contents in the front of my book, without a duplicate one in the back and can't figure out how to do it.

I'm converting from an HTML source file to MOBI for Kindle users. After conversion, whenever I select "Table of Contents" on my Kindle it takes me to the /back/ of my book. Not the front! My links work fine, but I hate being sent to the ugly "metadata" TOC in the back.

-- Either Calibre creates a MOBI with my TOC in front, but a duplicate TOC in the back (what I'm doing currently).
-- Or, I turn off the TOC creation using Calibre, but then my users end up with no navigation at all.

All of the "normal" Kindle books take you to the /front/ of the book when your select "Table of Contents."

How do I get one TOC in the front of my book that I can stylize however I want with large fonts, etc? I know how to use auto-generate a TOC, but then I get /two/ TOCs in the front of my book.

I'm not a geek, so please keep the technical speak to a minimum! My TOC in my HTML is set up using <a href> tags to link to bookmarks that are within my HTML that signify the different chapters.


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