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Hi JD, I am a developer on the Kobo Arc.

Regarding he Chinese character icon, that actually is the Google Asian Keyboard IME. It comes built in with Android.

I don't know the reason why it needs access to your personal information and network, however I can assure you that unless you use the keyboard, this app will not be accessing either of them. Also this is available on pretty much all Android devices or downloadable from the Play store under the publisher "Google Inc.".

Feel free to ask me any other technical questions you have.

Originally Posted by JD Gumby View Post
Which one?

Hmm. Just noticed a "KoboTracking" process running and in the all-apps list. Not cool. Not cool at ALL. :/

EDIT: Oh, and some app with a Chinese (or maybe it's Japanese kanj?) name and a blue circle icon with a Chinese character in it and a yellow circle - which has permission to access my personal information and the network. If that was there from the very beginning and not something that hitched a ride with an app (all reputable and with some basic research done first - nothing installed sight-unseen from devs I've never heard of), then I will be VERY disappointed in Kobo. No, not disappointed - VERY pissed. [shown as version 4.0.4-424 and a size of 144KB]
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