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Originally Posted by Bookworm_Girl View Post
This is a known issue and seems to be very common problem. You don't need to follow this topping off solution. After you have charged the reader 100%, simply power it off. Then after you power it back on it will be fine. You can keep Wi-fi on and let it sleep when not in use and it will discharge normally. That means roughly 1-2% per hour that you read or overnight with no use. This procedure has worked for most people, including me!
I will give this a shot as well. However....

I brought it to the store a little while ago, and the clerk -- very helpful, by the way -- told me that the Black Friday Nooks were apparently a batch that had been found in a warehouse somewhere. As a result, they all had the 1.0 version of the software.

And because I'd turned the Wireless off on my right away, it had never updated, and was around 12 updates behind.

We plugged it in, waited until it had enough power, and then updated to the most current version.

We'll see if this solves the problem. But because it's a battery issue, and because it's now on my record that I've brought it, it's covered by the regular warranty and not just the two week window. So I shall see what the next week or so brings.

Thank you all!
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