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Looking for Website that Stores/Catalogs/Allows you to read in Browser

Hi all,

I'm trying to find an online/cloud storage for my personal ebooks where I can upload them, catalog them with tags/folders/what have you, and ALSO be able to read them in my browser.

The purpose of this would be easy access for my library anywhere I had an internet connection and I would not have to install any kind of program or app, either a ebook library software or ebook reader.

I could access it from other people's computers, in net cafes, from any device with a web browser, etc., etc.

Is there such a service? The only site i've seen that does this is, and they have no cataloguing ability to speak of, plus the interface is pretty bad and they constantly try to sell you books. I just want to read the epubs that I upload and not have ads to buy other books in my face all the time.

As far as i know, even though Calibre can be configured to share ocntent online, it can NOT be used as a browser-based ebook reader. You would have to download the epubs and install an epub reader on your computer/device, which is what I'm trying to avoid.
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