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Originally Posted by MartyTX View Post
Hi Rolzup,

Yes, it's unfortunately a known issue with some Nook ST's.

Read this thread and the very helpful post from RAH: HERE

Here's a summary of RAH's technique:

"1) charging it to 100%
2) let it sleep over night/ Next morning it might be around 88% (i.e. terrible battery drain)
3) connect it to your computer via USB cable and let it charge again up to 100% (i.e. "top it off")
This has ALWAYS fixed the drain problem for me. After doing this, it only loses about 2 or 3% per day (sleeping or using, no WiFi).

RAH's top-off technique works 100% of the time for me!

I'll give that a shot when I get home tonight. What's been driving me nuts is that the power drain is fine for a few days -- it was dead on Sunday morning, I charged it to 100%, and it was at 97% last night after spending four days in sleep mode with intermittent reading.

This morning, dead.

Would turning it off fully make any difference?
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