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linux variants for running sigil

I have a little netbook (asus eee pc 4g surf) that currently has eeebuntu 2.0 NBR running on it (based an 8.something ubuntu I believe).

Now I'm very much a linux novice and it takes me ages to get anything done on it. The question I have is can I get Sigil up and running on this version of the OS If go down the route of installing source, QT4 and Cmake - or do I need to find and install a newer flavour OS?

Now the machine only has 4G and a tiny screen so only really really lightweight OSs work on it so I just wanted to check before I embark on either;

a) attempting Sigil on the current OS
b) installing a more 'compatible' linux flavour and then adding on Sigil

Either way with my limited skills I know I have several days of anger filled installing ahead

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