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Originally Posted by DrMoze View Post
I checked, and the answer is no, alas. Two reasons. First, the screen on the 500 is lower (further from the top edge) than the 505's. So, if you try to align the 500 screen with the wedge, it sticks out of the top of the case. There's no way to shift the light wedge assembly within the cover, because the cylindrical part that holds the batteries runs along the entire length of the spine.

Even worse, the wedge (when removed from the cover) doesn't fit flush over the screen. The body of the 500 is a bit wider between the left edge and the left indentation of the screen. So, when you try to fit the wedge in place over the 500 screen, the left edge of the 500 hits the cylindrical battery holder. The wedge can't be placed flush in the opening of the 500 screen.

What I'm using for the 500 is the 3-LED Z-light. It's the one that folds very flat and thin, and provides a good illumination. (I think there are 2- and 4-LED versions as well.) It costs about $12 and uses those thin flat disc batteries, which last a long time (30+ hours per pair) and are cheap on eBay.
Thanks for your in depth description! I guess I'll do the upgrade to the 505 sometime for one of my readers. I really like the style of this new light.

I have been using the Great Point LED light which is similar to the Z light except it comes with rechargeable batteries and a recharging station. The charge on the battery lasts several days and I just keep one it the charger at all times.

If you have a Costco in your area (and are a member), you can get a package of two of these lights for $30 which is what it costs for just one light at Borders.

Thanks again
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