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Okay I think I have the same problem. I bought 2 books yesterday. But payment didn't go through. But books were still downloaded to my library and I can open them on my e-reader and my iPad. But I can't download the acsm files to my computer.

I don't think it's ADE because as they suggested I tried downloading the files in 3 different browsers and I keep getting the same message; Fout bij ophalen licentie. Communicatieprobleem met licentieserver:
E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN In english it reads Download failed, error with retreiving License, communication problem with license server and then the E-ADEPT thing.

Now if other books download just fine in ADE I figure it's not a problem with either ADE or my account or my autorization.

I contacted Kobo about this and sure they're pretty fast in wanting their money for the books, but their suggestions are not helping and as I said I'm not going to contact ADE since I don't think the problem lies with them as other books download just fine.

I'm going to wait to see how they are going to solve this. I suggested to them to remove the books from my library so I can try and buy them again and see if payment goes through then. Never had a problem buying books from them before until now.

Almost makes me wish I waited for the Kindle Paperwhite to come out in my country instead of going the Kobo route now.
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