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So, it seems I'm buying the kindle finally. Only, I realized now that there is only 2 new kindle, the paperwhite and the K4NT. They didn't make a new touch. So if I want the new model I have to get the paperwhite. I guess I'll try and hope not to get a defective model.

If I try to get it in France they say it will ship on 4/02/2013. I think I'll get it from uk amazon!

Thanks a lot for all the info, I had good advice 3 years ago when I wanted my first ereader, and it seems like it happened again

Edit : I guess it's no use looking at the other ones, onyx, pocketbook, iriver, ... There is a forum about the other devices, but I suppose they won't have a good dictionary, it'll be the same as bookeen.

Fun fact : I can't get the paperwhite in belgium. I can't get the K4NT either. They will only send my the kindle 3. The silver one. Very nice. Even if I try to get it from the UK or US, they will only say that it's not available in my country and refuse the order. Gonna check if I can get it with Viaddress.

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