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Ok, that title sounds weird but anyway, I just want to share a few experience about unboxing, configuring and using the Arc.

I got the 64gb white one and unboxing it feels so exciting for some reason. I didn't bother with manual reading (since i heard it is pretty content thin) and go straight to pressing the power button.

The setup process is nothing more than straight forward and slick. The only complaint is the system update (319mb) took more than I think it should and the update progress bar was "stuck" at one point and had me reconnect to my Wifi only to find out it is already 60% ahead of what it should be. Anyway, it was good. Manage to setup my google account without a hassle even with 2-factor authorization.

Without typing long paragraph to bore people, i'll type my pro & cons below for actual usage experience

- Awesome edge around the screen for holding. Works very well with my hand size
- Screen rocks , crisp and bright colors. Text rendering is wonderful. ( i lack review-jargons)
- Performance rocks for what it is. I have YET to experience slow down given the 7-8 applications i run simultaneously.
- Magazine will bring the best out of the screen. If you see quality problems, it is definitely the pdf's problem because the MAXIM sample one is out of the world.
- Default apps are fine. They are snappy as it should. You can uninstall bloatware if you don't like them and just inconvenience.
- SRS audio. Even the go-to-work alarm sounds beautiful. I actually turn the thing upside down so the speakers are in my face but that is my preference.
- No software problems. Everything (mainstream) working as they should. Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and some others. Not gaming fan but you don't really buy a Android for heavy gaming do you?
- Book reading is comfortable and text is fine for me give the few pages I "flip" through so far.
- The rubber texture back rocks. I have no regrets and feels safe placing it on anywhere.

- Not even a real con but only slightly heavier than I thought it would be. It is VERY difficult to test this at store because they have those security thingys attached to them.
- The main UI takes some time to get used to but it is still straight forward for its intention. A nice wallpaper will keep you distracted and happy.
- I treat the discovery bar like an ad-support component of the UI.....
- Battery lasts forever (if you turn off wifi during sleep). Android is victim to battery drain but mostly from the stuff you install and widgets on main screen.
- Graphics rendering on magazine took a good second to render and so are large pictures in chrome like flyers. It is not a big deal to most probably but i'm impatient so these little things bugs me a lot.

There are many things waiting to be tested but so far the purchase is a no doubt correct choice!
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