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oldnat began at the beginning.
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Sorry, I was "outside".

Mentioning "bother" I used a smiley - for I was also one of them "bothering" you :-) And I really appreciate your help which helped me to solve my problem.

In Austria the device started selling mid November (I bought mine the 23rd of Nov.) and I saw quite a lot of people buying it. I have a lot of books on it already, also from as well as from other stores, also from free sources (state library etc.) and I had no problems with it. Nevertheless I do not think that too many of the people shall be confronted with this problem, for most of them seemed to want only to read and nothing more.

The bigger problem is, that the StarDict Project is quite silent and there are not too much dictionaries around which could be converted... especially in "exotic" languages like Hungarian (only it, de, en and it to hu, and only hu to en, no more) but I do not think that there shall be much more demand...

BR Nat
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