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Very good informations lately, the nook seems like a good solution again. Except for the dictionary maybe. I read that it is a bit more comfortable to hold then the kindle, but the kindle is more "cool" looking I guess. Well I read that in a review. I'd prefer to have comfort any day. But this information came from one review, it's not very conclusive. If the comfort is not really different, then the kindle touch would be my choice.

Seems the nook is the closest to the experience I have with the opus.
So now it's a toss up between the nook simple touch that will be easier to handle and the kindle that has the better dictionary.
Assuming the dictionary is good enough, I think i'm leaning towards the nook. Reading comfort is really important. I used my opus again for hours yesterday and was amazed how easy and comfortable it was. I was also really impatient to have a dictionary
I'm gonna try to find evaluations of the dictionary in the nook. I only have information from HarryT right now about which dictionary is better. Not that I don't trust it but I need more info if I have to make my choice based on that argument.

The kindle 4 NT is out of the game because it looks annoying to find words without touch.
I'm really not as adamant as before about the buttons, I tried a bit on my opus to see if it would be annoying to put my thumb on the border of the screen each time I wanted to change page, and it was alright.

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