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Hello again . It has been a long time since I have been on this thread. A nasty ransomware virus back in the summer basically set me back on everything.

I haven't found the time to read up on all the posts, so maybe some of my questions (requests) have already been discussed. My apologies ahead of time if so.

I love that you did incorporate the error column, but could you include a way (perhaps as a command in personal.ini) to tell the plugin to only export specific errors? Mainly because I only want to know if a story no longer exists or something, and not that it is already up to date.

The only other thing off the top of my head at the moment has to do with the count pages portion. And to be honest, it is just a small thing for me. I like to use the count pages portion only on stories that have changed their metadata to being complete. But this is something I can just do periodically anyways with the count pages plugin.

Other than that, everything is working and looking great. As usual, FFDL is my most used plugin (followed by reading list and view manager).
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