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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
The v1.6 of this plugin *does* work - it works for me, Doctor Ohh, and about 25,000 other users. So it looks like something specific to your machine. However your complete lack of detail in your posts makes it impossible to suggest anything useful. The obvious questions are:
- whether you even have any duplicates for it to find.
- do you have a search restriction in place you have forgotten about which means they don't show up.
- exactly what type of duplicates search you are trying to do (attach screenshots, one showing your options, one showing your dups that exist you think you should be matching).

If you still have no joy (and you are doing anything other than a binary search) then zip up your metadata.db file from the root of your library folder, upload it somewhere and PM me a link to it along with your screenshot of your search options so I can try to replicate it.

There are no downloads available for older versions, I don't even keep them myself. I have neither the time, motivation (or sufficient donations) to support them. If there is a bug in the latest version then I would rather fix and push that out.
Many thanks for your help. I will go once again through all the steps and will try again.
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