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I can only second the posts stating that you should buy at I have not seen customer service like that in any "virtual" store before. Even if you are from abroad (i.e. you live outside of the European Union) and thus have to pay more for your device (e.g. customs), the outstanding service might pay off in case you experience any problems. And considering the fact that Booxtor, the owner of ereader-store, is the community's link to the developers at Onyx, it is even more recommendable to buy at his store. Why? Because you know that the guy you are buying a product from knows practically all about it. That means you can be sure that if you have a problem, there will not be an infinite amount of emails to persons not familiar with or not interested in your problem. Instead, you will get a response by someone highly qualified to solve your problem who already demonstrated that he will go to some length in order to sort out what is wrong with your device, be it software or hardware that causes your trouble.

Sounds like exaggerated praise? I assure you I mean every single word.
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