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Kindle Fire 2 compared to Kindle Fire 1

I bought a new Kindle Fire 2 this week and planned to give my Kindle Fire 1 to my mom. Now I've changed my mind. I seriously do not like the KF2. Its carousel is huge and you can really only see one app at a time. I have to press a star icon to get to the Favorites list instead of seeing it at the bottom of my screen. And many of my favorite KF1 apps are no longer available to download to the KF2, so I can't get the new one loaded to work like the old one. For instance, last year when I first started using my KF1, I learned everything I needed to know from Blossom. She steered me to two apps, Lock Screen and WiFi Screen Switch. The Lock Screen app won't work at all on the KF2 (a waste of $1.99), and the WifiScreen Switch is no longer available. I loaded a similar free app, but even when added to the Favorites panel, the app requires two more clicks to turn off WiFi.

Perhaps if I was into speed games, I might appreciate the additional processing speed and RAM that the KF2 has a bit more, but doing what I do on the Kindle, I just don't see any difference between the KF1 and KF2. If speed and better sound were important, I would have purchased the KFHD.So I'm giving the new unit to my mom and I'm sticking with my old one.

Has anyone who has a KF1 started using the KF2? If so, how is it working out for you?
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