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Strange highlighting issue (bug?)

Win64 (first noticed in 0.6.0)

I am seeing a strange highlighting issue when I place the cursor at the end of a paragraph, hit delete to merge the next paragraph in then hit space. It "highlights" to the end of the line as if it were selected (same coloring as select). It does not actually select it (ie another space does not overwrite it) and if you go to another paragraph and to the same now I have two in that condition.

Swapping between code view or to another tab and back and the selected highlights are gone. This is happening on multiple machines. Both machines though were upgraded from the 0.5.x releases, although I could not find any obvious preference that would be in the .ini file that would be causing this.

It also only seems to "select" to the first new attribute/span if one exists, to the end of the line, sometimes to the end of the newly merged paragraph.

for instance, these 4 paragraphs -

<p class="calibre6">test 1 only highlights to before my.</p>

<p class="calibre6">“That’s quite a list. But just to clarify once more—she’s not <i>my</i> Mrs. Robinson.”</p>

<p class="calibre6">test 2 highlights to the end</p>

<p class="calibre6">“That’s quite a list. But just to clarify once more—she’s not my Mrs. Robinson.”</p>

going to the end of the test 1 line hitting delete and then space highlights to just before "my", then doing the same at the end of test 2 and it is selected to the end of the line.

It does have some consistency to it, but I consider it a bug mainly because it seems to really have no functionality to it. I love 0.6.x, the stability and other changes are great, this though is really irritating for the text to look like it is selected when it is not and to see multiple lines selected when manually going through a scanned document and merging paragraphs.
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