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Weird formatting residue from WORD

I am nearly insane from days of bashing at an issue of formatting. Seems the author somehow changed something in his WORD formatting midway through his manuscript, then changed it again a second time near the end. The changes affect font and line spacing. Looks fine in word, but when you go to sigil epub it shows up. fix it in Sigil and then when you convert to mobi it comes back.

Sadly, there are bold and italic parts that are intregal to the book, so I can't just wipe all formatting.

I have stared at the codes for hours until my eyes are blurry. I think I have gotten the font issue solved by brute force, but the spacing is a total mystery. I had found that part of the WORD file had "add 10 points below every paragraph" and took that out. Minor difference but it still jumps from one line to two, or none, almost at random.

I just don't want to give up (matter of pride). I have tried all manner of conversions, reconversions, manual code editing in sigil, etc. I even downloaded open office thinking maybe it worked like Word Perfect (in that it actually let you see the format codes with out any hassle) but no luck.

does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try? I am normally not back with html coding, but I just cannot find where this code is lurking.
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