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Back out of 0.6.1

Kubuntu current with Sigil install from the rgibert ppa.

I can't work with the cursor jumping all over the book I'm working on in 0.6.1. I can't even determine a pattern to when it happens. How can I cleanly go back to 0.6.0 without dropping all my clips and saved searches and dictionary adds?

You guys are doing amazing work, but this issue, that I know you'll fix quickly, is driving me nuts.

KNOWN ISSUES(to me): THESE ISSUES DON'T ALWAYS HAPPEN, BY THE WAY. SO FAR IT APPEARS RANDOM. I know it jumps to the top of the file following a replace all. It also jumps when I'm replacing characters in <> set. For example: <p> and want to change it to a <br>. I double click the p to high-light and then type b and r. It will enter the b in the correct place and then jump to the top of the file and enter the r.

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