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Originally Posted by l_macd View Post
The Sony PRS-T2 is a touch screen device, which makes it probably best for looking up the dictionary, it's very quick & has an excellent screen, the page turn buttons at the bottom of the device aren't best placed though (IMHO).

The Kindle isn't a touch screen (so you have to use the five-way controller for things like dictionary look-up), not quite as quick as the Sony for dictionary usage but page turns are speedy, and again it has a very good screen (buy the black version and not the silver to guarantee this, it seems far better). It has the page turn buttons handily situated on the side, which is most comfortable for one handed reading.
Thanks a lot for all the info.

the PRS-T2 button's location is so bad that it's as if it didn't have any. The kindle is marginally better (I see the buttons at the bottom of the screen in the center). the Nook and Odyssey have got the buttons at the right place. But I hear the nook's button are too hard to be usable. And the odyssey's got crappy dictionary.

Seems from what I read that the kindle is my best bet, even if I have to use the touch screen to change pages. Maybe the kindle touch?

I was looking at the paperwhite, it looks great in the reviews I read, but the forums here put the scare of blobs in me. I don't wanna have to send it back 4 times before getting one that is acceptable. Not even good or perfect, only acceptable.

Gonna read some kindle touch reviews then.

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