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Thanks, I got it working.......not sure what i was doing last night as I believe I was doing the same as I just did this morning, and I know i did see it say that it was coonnected to the Kobo in the lower left hand window last night but for some reason, nothing was going on the Kobo.

But one thing I noticed that was this morning, the books I believed I had converted to .phub last night, I c ould not find in Calibre. I was only able to locate the original .mobi files so i took each book I wanted and one at a time i converted one at a time rather than several at once.....and when each was done, I transferred it to the device and it worked.

Yesterday i converted a bunch at once.......and they all said they had converted but none of them would go over to the Kobo as it did today, so I believe it was something in that conversion, more than one at a time that was causing the problem yet i can see phub in the screenshot so who knows what it was but i did the same this morning and it all worked so perhaps just one of those annoying things that happens and sometimes no reason for it

Thanks for all of your help as it is now finally figured out
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