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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
The Kindle has the best dictionaries by a long shot. Sony is a reasonably close second; Kobo and the nook a distant third. The Kindle has by far the best supply of 3rd party commercial dictionaries (search the Kindle Store for "Dictionary" and you'll find hundreds of them). You can't add extra dictionaries at all (to the best of my knowledge) to the Sony, nook, or Kobo. Bookeen, Pocketbook, etc, do let you add dictionaries, but they're limited to the public domain "word-list" type dictionaries rather than proper commercial ones (AFAIK - I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong).
For the first time, I'm actually thinking of buying a kindle...
The fact that they have the best dictionaries AND that I can get new commercial ones changes a lot.

So, now I'm looking into the whole touching the screen to turn page thing. I don't really like the idea of having smudges on my screen, but anyway I would have had some with the word searches in the dictionaries.

Seems I can use the kindle touch with one hand AND even turn pages. That's what I was afraid of actually with no buttons to turn page anymore.

The screen of the Kindle sits about an eighth of an inch deeper than plastic bezel surrounding it. I have found it very easy to simply roll my thumb over the edge and onto the touch screen, and this is all that’s needed to activate a page turn.
from a review website.

I'll have to use calibre to create azw files from my epubs but it seems worth it.

Must read reviews now.
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